author of the bill is the deputy Vitaly Milon, a representative of the "United Russia".According to the author, the project is aimed at the protection of children, protection of their physical, intellectual, spiritual and moral development.According to the text of the bill prohibits any actions aimed at propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality and transgenderism among minors.In the law there is also a lengthy description of the term "propaganda" - any activity for the dissemination of the information available to the public methods that can be harmful to minors, including the form they have an idea of ​​the equivalence of traditional and non-traditional relationships.

Meanwhile, in the legislation of the Russian Federation no definition of the word "homosexuality" and propaganda. "It is for this reason w
as previously amended article 282 of the Criminal Code "incitement of national, racial or religious hatred."Currently propaganda - a subjective term, and everyone is free to interpret it in their own way, by same-sex couples kissing in public places before the image of the rainbow.

adopted in St. Petersburg law on promotion of homosexuality is not the first project dedicated to this subject.A deputy Alexander Chuyev in the past repeatedly issued to the Duma a law to establish liability (as opposed to the current law, not administrative, and criminal) for the promotion of homosexuality.This bill offers a more detailed interpretation of the term.According to him, under the propaganda refers to public appearances, movies and books of homosexual themes, references to homosexuality in the media, as well as a demonstration of homosexual orientation.This project has been repeatedly rejected by the consideration, as contrary to the constitution.

Many prominent figures, including the head of the faction "Yabloko" Grigory Yavlinsky, sharply criticized after the adoption of this law.Deputies of fraction confused just the lack of definition of the term "propaganda", contrary to federal law, as well as international human rights instruments. "

Meanwhile, the law came into force.So far, in St. Petersburg under his action was just one activist LGBT organization Nikolai Alekseev.The young man was at the Smolny with a placard on which was depicted Faina Ranevskaya and published her famous saying: "Homosexuality - is not a perversion.Perversion - This hockey and ballet on ice. "The judge explained his decision by saying that the poster could see minors.