incident occurred April 21 during an opposition rally in Ulyanovsk, where participants gathered to protest against the deployment of the transit center for cargo NATO that protesters called the "base of NATO."

After the meeting Udaltsov started to talk to journalists, including Anna Pozdnyakov appeared and activist pro-Kremlin movement "Nashi".According to her version of the interview, when she was filming Sergei on a mobile phone, he learned that she is a supporter of the "Young Guard", hit her twice.

This girl described that blows were so strong that the phone fell from her hands, and e
ven flew clock.Later Anna Pozdnyakov wrote a statement to the police and confirmed the fact of beating a medical report, recorded the fact of beating and concussion.As evidence used shooting an interview, during which Pozdnyakov constantly asked the question: "Sergey, you starve?", Which Udaltsov first posted.After he asked not to interfere with Pozdnyakov and move, it is clear that someone is blocking the lens, and can be heard screeching Anna, after which the lens is visible retreating back to Sergei.

Udaltsov immediately called the incident a provocation and lies.In his version, the journalist he did not touch, and in response to her statement left her, in which he accused Anna of false denunciation.An indirect proof of his innocence, and serves as a video posted on the Internet, where the triumphant Pozdnyakov with the clock on the hand, bouncing with excitement, brags: "Guys, I hit Udaltsov, imagine!".In the ruddy and mobile girl with eyes burning with joy difficult to suspect beaten to a concussion victim traumatic brain injury it had no effect on her health.It was probably post-traumatic syndrome.

However, the court did not take into account either the video or the statement Udaltsov and 27 June I gave him a sentence of Part 1 of Art.116 of the Criminal Code.Anna Pozdnyakov can sleep peacefully, as well as her conscience - the villain who beat a journalist and a woman who punished the whole validity of the law.