In 1868, England was called the first Congress of Trade Unions.The work of the trade unions (the union members were then called) was sent to the struggle of the workers against the bourgeoisie, which is mercilessly exploited wage workers.In Russia, the organization of workers in some communities was banned until 1901, when Moscow and St. Petersburg were organized with the permission of the authorities first union workers.

development of trade union organizations

His swing trade union movement reached in 1905, and by 1917 almost not a single industrial enterprise, wherever organized by the Union of the workers.Even after the Revolution was created Trade unions in the Soviet Un
ion (the All).

trade unions have played a significant role in the formative years of the Soviet regime.They helped the unemployed to seek employment, organized by elementary school educational program (literacy), participated in the procurement trips to the countryside for the removal of surplus food from farmers.After the formation of the USSR trade unions fit into the overall structure.In every cell of the union that were widely held at the enterprises, to monitor compliance with labor laws.No member of the union could not be dismissed without the consent of the local committee.Membership fees were built and resorts, summer camps and kindergartens.Every worker has the right once a year to receive a ticket to these institutions for themselves and the child.However, all the work of the trade unions was carried out under the constant supervision of the Communist Party, so take the work completely independent unions mistake.

In this form of the All existed until 1990, when March 23 was proclaimed renunciation of dogmas of Marxism-Leninism.It was created the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, which included all the sectoral and territorial trade union organizations.In recent years, the activities of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia is happening with the changes and conditions in general and social policy of the state.Today, the trade unions had in its ranks more than 40 million members, who are united in 120 trade unions.

Everyone has their own holiday

Such ups and downs of the rich history of trade unions in Russia could not but affect the tradition of celebrating the Day of profsoznogo employee.The fact that a single state recognized holiday, in fact, not.However, there are plenty of days of industry trade unions.For example, the All-Russian transport workers profsoz celebrates on September 18 and the feast of National Education - 25 September.

course, that all trade union traditions of celebration.Someone arranges festivals, shows, someone - bicycle races and mass heats, have trade unions, which, like 50 years ago, the output of its members to the marches and demonstrations to renounce salaries in an envelope and improve working conditions.