Sasha was born on 8 March 1992, he is now 21 years old, he is very kind, intelligent and thoughtful young man.Its growth stopped in childhood and still is about 55 centimeters, so he kind of does a teenager.He believes in God and attends church constantly and worship, he did not just read out long prayers. Despite its destiny and not a simple disease, Sasha is full of optimism, he is happy every day, is very fond of his adoptive parents, who all support it.

Past family

Its main pain was his own mother, who was unable to cope with stress and began to abuse alcohol, she gave up her own son, who so needed the support of a loved one.Sasha's mom knew before the birth of the baby will be born with a birth defect, but refused to have an abortion.

It is said Sasha, the first years of his life were good enough,
they lived not rich, but my mother took care of him.How long it lasted, he does not remember.But then she could not cope with the emotions.

Now Sasha admits that for a long time to forgive my mother home for the ill-treatment of him and keeps her evil.
His mother was deprived of parental rights due to the constant battering and drunkenness, a woman said she was sorry about all their actions.The only childhood memories of Sasha were the days when he was sitting at the window and waited for my mother will return.

His own father never raised his hand on him, but, just as his mother liked to drink, so all the money went to the purchase of intoxicating beverages, and Sasha was constantly in a state of half-starved.When Sasha and her father was deprived of parental rights, the boy got into the home for the disabled, where he lived for five long years.

Sasha quickly enough got friends, because he was very kind and clever.When he was 14 years in the orphanage came to reporters on the first channel, they wanted to make a story about the life of "crystal boy."

new family

So the whole country learned sincere story of "crystal boy" who wanted to be loved just the way it is.For the first time he saw on television Sasha Valentine's foster mother recalls that immediately thought that it would be her child.By the time Valentina had grown son and daughter.She found the house phone, the Internet and asked for Sasha, in the second conversation, he called her mother.After the decision on adoption was made instantly.

foster mother Valentina was very worried for the boy and repeatedly tried to arrange a meeting with his own mother, Svetlana.She did not want to interfere with the ratio of two native people, but unfortunately, my dear boy's mother did not want to communicate with him, you know, she did not get rid of their addictions.