atheists believe people are not believers.Agnostics do not identify themselves as either believers or unbelievers.Agnostics call themselves people doubt it.They constantly criticize the church.

What church money

surprising that this question is raised by the very people who have no faith and do not go to church.This raises another question: What do they matter?But if there is a question, then the answer should be.In every church, and the church has a shop in which parishioners acquire candles, icons, books, and serves notes, which contain required.

required in Christianity is called the human need for God and the saints expressed by the mention of his name or family.Most often serves parishioners rites for health, that is, when they want to pray for their health.Also served rites for the repose
of the dead, to pray for their souls.

is required, too, have their value, as well as church candles and books.This is understandable and easily explained.The fact that the church is not funded by the state. Church lives on donations from parishioners.And if she will not get this money, the funds are not from the sky sprinkling.

Home Philosophy

And if you're still wondering what the church money, consider what you need the money, which generally means a person need?Man wants to be fed and clothed, otherwise it will end its vital functions.

Now answer how it can be obtained without money?The answer is - no way.That's right, to eat, to pay for food.To get dressed, you must pay for the clothes.And so the apartment was light, gas, water and heat need to pay utility bills.The same applies to the church.There also are people who serve the church and who need to eat and dress.

Church need to pay bills for gas, electricity, heat and water.The church needs to buy food to feed the poor and homeless people.She needed money to buy candles or wax to make them. Church does not trade in goods, as it is not a store.The Church accomplishes Christian rites and ordinances.

There is one question that is often asked all the same agnostic: if it is written in Scripture to live ascetic, why the Fathers neglect this?Oveet the Church is one: do not judge and be judged.However, for those who suffer and have another explanation: in monasteries, convents and parishes priests live is not for secular rules, they do not allow themselves luxuries, though no stranger to creature comforts.The Church of today can not be divorced from progress, it is a requirement of time, and therefore the presence of a vehicle, for quick movement of the Internet for effective communication, the parish meeting is still necessary.