Think of what may affect your present and future relations with its neighbors.If you choose to communicate with them on equal terms, consider the following factors influencing the opinion of the residents of apartment buildings for each other:

- prestige housing;
- financial situation;
- social status;
- age;
- the presence of children;
- the presence of pets.
Note also that in your home are people with a different outlook and habits.That's why you in dealing with them will have to make some concessions.For example, if the neighbors started to repair, consider that you'll ever have to repair the apartment.The bustling holiday once or twice a year - is not an occasion for qu
arrels and to the police.However, do not forget about their principles.You have the right to make a comment to the neighbor who smokes in the stairwell and throws cigarette butts, and you can not ask the occupants to listen to music when your children sleep.However, you do not have to change the parquet floors with sound insulation layer only because the newlyweds downstairs twins were born.
If you have moved to an apartment building recently, meet to start with its neighbors in the stairwell.Introduce yourself, tell us briefly about yourself.Look for people with whom you have to live side by side for a long time.Maybe someone of them you make friends, and someone will just say hello.Find out if any particular organization of life in your home, there is, for example, the duty roster, there are meeting the residents, who is a senior on the porch, etc.
observe basic rules of living in the house.Not sorite in the stairwell, elevator and the surrounding area.Withdraw the yard dogs muzzled, watch where your cat walk and so on. Agree on the right place in the parking lot.Do not disturb the peace and quiet of your neighbors.Thus, in Moscow denied any extraneous noise in the period from 23.00 to 7.00, repair work - from 19.00 to 9.00, as well as on weekends and holidays.Find out exactly what hours and days you should not make a noise, you can in the administration of the city or at the police station.However, better to agree about everything with neighbors, guided by common sense.
not get other tenants sort of "magic wand" in every situation, by lending them a "hundred payday" or helping with the housework.In the end, you have and its urgent cases and costs.But do not deny them help when you really can not afford it.
In the event of conflict with neighbors talk calmly and did not go to the individual.If they are guilty, do not show immediately claims, threatening the police and to court.Find out first what was happening.For example, if you do not like the noise at an odd hour, and neighbors at this time celebrating the birth of the first child, take this with understanding.In other situations (pipe break, fire, short-circuiting) and may need your help.If you do become a troublemaker, do not make excuses and do not push recrimination.Try to arrive at a compromise solution, provided that this is possible.