expression "swan loyalty" is often used when talk about the faithful love to one partner.They say that because swans creating strong families, once and for all life.To live the beautiful birds can be up to 100 years.

choosing a life partner, swans take care of it and help in everything.The male courts the female faithfully, protecting it from other swans and danger.Birds with shared care of posterity, and gather food.

of loyalty to each other swans are many legends, poems and songs were written.Scientists have believed for many years that beautiful white birds change does not happen.Recently, European ornithologists trying to prove the opposite, but the research is not yet finished.

many years of observations confirm a strong emotional attachment to each other swan pairs.If one of them gets sick, the other takes care of
the stalls until recovery, indulging in food and rest.

death of a spouse causes the survivor of a swan in a state of severe shock.He misses and loses the will to live.People often watched the swans committed suicide, lost his mate.

If Swan partner experiencing a long time, his fate is going very sad.Create a new pair he can not, so just slowly dying of boredom alone.In a flock of such birds do not come back.Monogamy for swans still considered the norm, despite the controversy and frustration of scientists.

people able to keep such devotion and love of one person for life, unity.Fidelity in human couples are married for a long time, is so rare that it can also be about to put a legend.

Modern culture encourages divorce and polygamy.The word "love" is often a synonym for sex, losing the true meaning.Few couples can be called truly loving.Tenderness and care they give to each other, can be seen from afar.

This family - a dream of many people in the world, but it is not easy to create.This requires a renunciation of self-centeredness, as well as understanding and forgiveness of injuries that are inevitable in marriage.Love can save only patience and hard work.That's what they say couples who have lived until golden wedding.

Man is sometimes surprising to learn from the white birds attention to love and care about him.Maybe then the expression "Swan fidelity" will sound more often, not only in the stories of the swans, but also to humans.