What dog named Hachiko for a monument?

all started back in 1923.It was then that November 10 was born puppy act.The puppy was given to one professor, who worked at the University of Tokyo.It was this professor gave the puppy Hachiko nickname.Translated from the Japanese "Hachiko" - is "the eighth."This puppy has earned the nickname of that dog was the eighth in the life of a professor.The puppy grew up is very loyal and faithful dog, he always and everywhere followed his master, seeing his work and meeting there.It is surprising that Hachiko came to Shibuya station to meet the professor just in time!

In May of 1923 heart attack claims the life of the host Hachiko - professor named Hidesaburo Ueno.It is here that begins the test of time.Dog at the time was only 18 months old, and
he continued to meet and wait for his beloved master on the same station.Every day Hachiko went there, waiting for the professor.The dog was lying on the station from early evening until late twilight.Dog went to sleep on the porch professor who was locked up tight, because to live in it there was no one.

Relatives and friends of Professor Ueno tried to take in Hachiko, but all their attempts have suffered a fiasco: dog strongly resisted by continuing to come to Shibuya station in anticipation of his beloved master.This devotion and loyalty was seriously surprised at the railway station, local merchants and ordinary passers-permanent.Soon bright Act Hachiko became interested in the printed press.

When Hachiko became known all over the world?

In 1932 in Japan, published a newspaper, which published an article titled "Faithful dog 7 years waiting for his dead master."The Japanese and the world were then conquered by this sad story.On the Shibuya station began arriving from around the world people are willing to personally take a look at a living example of canine loyalty and devotion to man.

faithful Hachiko came to Shibuya station for 9 years!He died faithful dog March 8, 1935.Veterinarians later conclude that claimed the life of Hachiko filaria heart.Found dead animal near the very Shibuya Station.The news of the death of a faithful dog swept over the whole country and all over the world.The country was declared a national mourning.Bones Hachiko was buried near the grave of his master Professor Ueno in the cemetery called Aoyama in Tokyo.After that, it was decided to make the skins stuffed dog, which to this day is a local science museum.