is especially true for those people who know exactly what money you have and you, even if it will require them to return, it is not too hard.They assume that you can give the money taken then, not in time.Do not count on the conscience and decency of people.They cornered circumstances and expect to get the money now, and give them as much as possible.If the man himself is guilty of the deplorable state of your finances, you will not have to rescue him.Convince myself that to your conscience was clean.
You can refuse using this phrase: "I do not have available sums of money all planned out."If you say it's hard enough, it is likely that the request will not be repeated.At least today.
You can also ask for you as "insurance" any big bail, which cost much more than the amount that you ask for a loan.Of course, there is the likelihood that you will consider huckster, but because banks and credit organizations do just that.Your goal - to inspire the person to think that the constant use of your money just like he does not, and what he thinks about you - it's minor matters, especially if that person is a stranger to you.
money that are in your wallet, you have earned, but did not get nothing.Therefore, do not exchange them for a worthless piece of paper, which is called the "Receipt".If you initially make out its monetary relations with this paper, which means you do not trust the man and to hedge against a trial.Now think - if you need a court?It may only award the money to pay you , and this process can take several years.You lose time and nerves spoil minute in punishment for pity.This is also a reason for the failure of the solid.A firm refusal able to discourage even the most impudent beggar, and you can get rid of it.