Investigation Office, approved by Peter the Great, directly subordinate to him and was directed to the disclosure of crimes related to corruption and secret agents of unrest in the country.Today, this work continues the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation.

White bone - the elite investigation

In modern Russia, all units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are investigating departments - that the FSB and the National Audit Office, and the Department for the fight against drug trafficking and others.The work of the investigators, regardless of affiliation to a particular structure of the Interior Ministry, is aimed at the rapid disclosure of serious crimes against the state or the individual.

Investigators must possess extraordinar
y intelligence and extensive professional knowledge, which they use to solve the crime.From their professional qualities often determine the fate of man.The task of the investigator to find the true culprit and to make all their skills in gathering hard evidence so that the offender appeared in court and received a well-deserved punishment.


traditional day of investigators marked the official board at the headquarters of the UK, which summed up the results of the working year and handed over letters of thanks and awards.The same day and usually arrive the next rank of employees, which means that according to tradition the new insignia will be "obmyty" evening.Usually it looks like this: at the table are going to colleagues who poured a glass of vodka faceted culprit.At the bottom drop out of new stars.The officer must drink vodka so that stars appeared in the mouth, before you can say "I Serve Russia" and attached the insignia on the shoulder straps.

respect and trust among the citizens of the country, investigators deserve that daily struggle with identifying the perpetrators or their evil designs.This is not always done at the table, sometimes it is necessary to engage in an armed confrontation.Quite a lot of investigators were seriously wounded during their service, and some have died.The country observes his characters state awards on the day of the formation of life.Presents state awards to the prime minister or president in the White Hall of the Kremlin.

Investigation Ministry of Internal Affairs, through its investigators are investigating economic crimes, exposing corruption schemes, combating bribery, determining the culprit traffic accident with severe consequences, seek and find the kidnapped people.An increased number of crimes such as hacker attacks, increased drug trafficking and related crimes.In order to successfully solve the crime, investigators are working closely with forensic experts.It should be noted that the Interior Ministry is equipping forensic laboratories with modern equipment, which allows investigators to substantiate their evidence confirmed by forensic research.

Along with the hard daily work, employees of the investigating authorities are actively involved in public life, and therefore to the date of the holiday are often confined marathons, competitions, shooting.