As you know, our ancestors Slavs lived in large families with strict observance of the hierarchy, complete submission to the authority of the breadwinner father, who considered their main duty of flogging as a classic way of educating their children.Children in any case not opposed to this process, and were gratefully accept these acts, showing concern about their future.
In the days of ancient Russia, in the 9-11 centuries dominated system of education under the flashy name "kormilstvo" when the child is grown up a little bit of a noble family was given training in family boyars and the governor, who in turn haveThey had to play the role of mentors and original attorneys in a
ll financial and property affairs of the minor.Children not only develop physically, intellectually, morally, and early attracted to the service, considering that the foundations of adult life to be laid as soon as possible.
enjoyed great popularity system "uncle" when the child passed family mother's brother, "cronyism" - perekochevanie to their spiritual and moral curators, "Pestunov."
In simple rural families, children tend to remain in their ancestral lands to grow and early to know, what it means to sow and reap;as adults, most children involved in the outbuildings and home affairs.The boys and girls brought from ancient times in different ways, based on their direct purpose, because it is the future son-protector and warrior, the daughter - a mother and housewife.

peculiar clothing for the child was considered a shirt stitched clothes mother or father, respectively.Girls has been provided special sacramental hair: smooth braid, which represents the power is conducted to the spine.Married women wore two braids, like sharing half the energy to transmit it to their unborn child.When the girl reached child-bearing age, and it ought to pay for her husband, her dress in a particular skirt, "ponevu."In a sign of the transfer of power from father to husband, father gave the girl the future son-in-whip, as a symbol of submission.
in education is of great importance was given to the boys physical development, skills training, management of economic affairs.The noble families of children early planted on a horse, it was believed that the two-three year old, hoisted on the horse - the secret training of the war.The opinion of the boy's family has to be considered the only appearance of the beard turn it into the category of real men of the family.