Sit straight, do not pull the legs under the table , and put together near the chair.Elbows press to a trunk and do not put them on the table.Do not tilt your head to the plate and lift a spoon or fork to mouth level.If the dishes need a knife, holding it in his right hand and the fork - the left.
When will bring to the table, take a dish towel and place it on their knees.After the end of the meal, place it to the left of the plate.Women with lipstick should wipe them with a paper towel instead of linen.
use cutlery correctly.Usually they have as serving dishes, so start with those located farthest from the plate.When served a new dish, take the following devices and so on.If you have trouble, look for neighbors to navigate.
Do not use a knife when eating nood
les, noodles, pasta, hodgepodge, scrambled eggs, jelly or vegetables.Only use a fork, at least, give yourself a piece of bread.After the end of the meal do not lick cutlery, place them on top of the plate parallel to each other, handle to the right side.
Do not bite off too big pieces and chew with your mouth closed.Do not talk while eating, do not slurp, do not smack one's lips and sipped, not blow on hot food.Indecent to discuss treats on a plate or choose the most appetizing piece.If you can not get any dish, not to drag him across the table, and ask politely to pass.
Respect your interlocutors.Do not smoke for table , do not talk on the phone and do not read.If you need to be with someone to talk to, not turn your whole body, just the head.During a call, do not interrupt the speaker, do not discuss present and do not talk too loud.Avoid active gestures, especially with instruments in their hands.