Most people are confident that civil marriage is essentially the same as the statutory, except for the fact that the registration procedure has been carried out.In fact, this opinion is erroneous.At the time, civil marriage appeared as a substitute for marriage church.Civil marriage and family relations have officially registered in the registry office, but what most people mean by it in legal circles is called an actual family or cohabitation.

Church wedding

Until 1917 in Russia there was no state registration of the relationship and the marriage is issued only canonically, in the church.At the time, the state with the church were inextricably linked, but after the separation required changes, and the state retained the ri

ght to regulate relations by means of the legislation itself entirely.The only form of the Soviet Union became a civil marriage, Soviet-style, and the church in those days happily abolished.

In the same year adopted a number of decrees not only marriage, but also about its dissolution.Since 1917, civil marriage entered into force and became only significant at the national level and legally legitimate.To register marriages were created Registry Office where the Code were given the rights and responsibilities of spouses, which entered into force in marriage.

actual marriage

The form of relationship that is not registered legally, properly called the de facto spouses or de facto marital relations, cohabitation.It is this concept and is often confused with civil marriage, although they are fundamentally different from each other.

The confusion arises from the reluctance of people to call their relationship cohabitation, as many of the old habits used to conduct joint life, raise a family and lead the same life as the person who registered their relationship, but without state registration.But it must be remembered that the relationship is not officially registered, only regulates the civil law, not the state.

Civil marriage - this is the one that is made in the relevant state bodies.Marriage is decorated in a church or management of living together without registration, in conversations used to be called civil, but the correct name for this type of relationship by marriage de facto, no rights and obligations under it is not intended.