great lesson of courage, patriotism can be obtained through the study of life of the people in the Great Patriotic War.Record of children in municipal libraries.There you can borrow books in the house.Read together as died, but did not give the enemy the residents of besieged Leningrad.From books, children learn how their peers working in factories with adults as preparing food, collecting firewood, to support family life.Teens and children should know what toys were in the war and postwar years.
boys need examples of heroic deeds.Tell us about the occupations of scouts, firemen, doctors, sailors.In the Soviet years were filmed wo
nderful films on these topics.It is impossible to educate the citizen , if teenagers show movies about gangsters, violence, murder.Despite the fact that physical labor is valued cheap, old movies useful to look to instill pride in the job, whatever it may be.
should study the history of the country's difficult for her years.It is necessary to know how to rebuild homes, businesses.The postwar years - an example of selfless labor of ordinary people.Children should understand that because their grandfathers worked, great-grandparents.In such instances brought respect for the work of others.
Help children explore the sporting achievements of the country.Tell us about the outstanding gymnasts, wrestlers, hockey players.Listen to songs about sports.Tell us what is now the country's honor and protected athletes each year.Show frames, which sounds the national anthem at the awarding ceremony of the Olympics.
citizen should know the life of the people in different eras.Give children the knowledge about the work of artists, writers, composers, who worked at different times.Show how people walked in sandals, sleeping in mud huts.Explain why the poets, artists pay attention to it.