Red Cross

widely known worldwide emblem of the International Red Cross Movement, was first used in 1863.Its prototype is the Swiss flag - a white cross on a red background, but with the change to the red cross on a white background.

The movement was organized by Geneva journalists who shocked seen at the Battle of Solferino, he had witnessed.Returning home, he wrote a book, and later created the "Geneva welfare society", held at the time of only five people.

The organization currently has a number of signs indicating, for example, the red crescent, the introduction, during the Ottoman Empire, asin Muslim countries, the cross is associated with the Crusaders.Also acquired the official status of the red crystal (alternat
ive, rejected the Star of David as the emblem of the ICRC in Israel), red lion and sun.

Bowl snake

even more ancient symbol - a bowl with a snake.The emergence of such a mark associated with snake venom for the treatment of patients.Such reputable physician Avicenna used the snake venom antidotes for manufacturing, and for the treatment of certain diseases.

Cleopatra, noting how easily rejuvenated snake changing its skin, began to use it to prolong his youth (at least, tried to use it on the slaves).Also, since ancient times it is well known that the snake venom in small doses, and she is very good for health.Snakes have offered almost as a deity, evidenced by the staff of Asclepius - stick, wound around the snake, according to legend, the ancient Greek god of it belongs to medicine.

Bowl is no less important: it is stored in the cups fresh water, which was deficient at the time and was vital for healing.

addition to these, there are other characters.Each sign is associated with a specific fact or history, as in the case of the Red Cross, he appeared when people wanted to help those suffering from war and disaster.Either as a result of any achievements or discoveries example of this - the presence of a snake on the symbols of medicine.