you need
  • - book;
  • - handle.
Try to understand why you think this or that his actions reprehensible.Maybe you since childhood were taught that to do so bad.It is possible that your actions to someone cause physical or mental suffering.Perhaps behaving in this way is not accepted in the circle to which you belong or want to belong to.Record the results of their reflections.This will help you figure out whether your behavior is sinful.
If you come to the conclusion that your behavior is indeed sinful, think about why you have committed these acts.Try to separate occasion by reasons.The reason may be some external circumstance preceding the act, while the reasons sometimes
have to look pretty deep.For example, in early childhood.
If it is possible to apply to a good therapist, do it.But do not expect that he will take responsibility for your actions.It just helps to reveal what motivates you to action, and what are the reasons.
Think about whether you are ready to talk about their sins outsider.This could be, for example, a priest, if you are a believer.Try to apply the wise priest who not only let your sins, but also show the ability to cope in the future with the reasons that makes you want to commit the act, which then have to repent.Professed need, so that your words do not have a shadow of bravado.Realize that you should not be proud of what made, and praise yourself for what you have had the strength to talk about it.
not even swear to myself that never again will do so.The prohibitions, even though they emanate from the person, often causing a backlash.A person begins to want to commit unseemly act several times stronger than before.The surest way - is it possible to avoid situations in which you would like before sin.Leave easier than to overcome temptations.
Think of yourself interesting and useful.Maybe you've always wanted to do painting, designing models or crochet, but you spend too much time and effort to the situation in which it was very difficult to refrain from sin.New interesting exercise will give you energy.
Imagine yourself in the place of the person to whom your sins deliver physical or mental suffering.If the person you really roads, you will be able to cope with it and stop it to offend or upset.Among offended by your actions and may be entirely strangers to anything before you are not to blame.Think about what you would do if you have been treated the same way as you are to them.
Get a notebook useful and shameful deeds.Divide the page into 2 parts.In one column, write down what is good or bad you have done.Put yourself evaluation.You can even record their deeds handles of different color.Designate good deeds, such as green and the bad - red or black.Write truly all that you have made for the day.Look at the ratio of color on the page.Work to ensure that the entire notebook was filled with green ink.