All modern subculture can be divided in several ways, which can serve as a source of music is:
- punks,
- Emo,
- Goths.

However, the basis for the differentiation can be literature, animation, vocabulary game.Subculture can select a group of people who are fans of a certain style of clothing, for example, all known associations freaks, nudists, dudes, Military.
basis for the emergence of such a thing as a subculture and could be a variety of political views and preconceived world view, think of hippies, rockers, anti-fascists, skinheads.The basis of the subculture could go a hobby, for example, a commitment to a motorcycle or graffiti.Today decided to allocate and special, controversial subculture, popularly dubbed the "hooligan" is: Gopnik, ultras, Luber
Each of these movements is not only regularly challenges the right to exist, but also capable of releasing in its structure separate directions.So Goths, fans of the post-punk music, characterized by the presence of mystic symbolism and gloomy controversial images, formed a set of stable flows, which usually referred Goth vamps, androgens, hippies, punks and cyber-ready.
Do not confuse loving ready and aggressive, dangerous to society Satanists who reject not only the entire church system, but are active nihilist does not recognize the authority of the law that promote sacrifice and violenceover people.
very popular among today's teenagers began to use subculture of anime, which is based on the picture "cine" life.Sometimes they are called tolkiyenistov, they tend to align themselves with young people aged 12 to 15 years with a weak most susceptible to outside influence psyche.
If you met on the street a "miracle", dressed in a combination of black and pink flowers, you know, before you emo.Despite his outrageous, emo, usually quiet and emotional, sad sort of writers-philosophers, based on creativity which lie sad moments of unrequited love.

But tight jeans, heavy boots with white laces and short jackets "bumpers" as if specially designed for street fights - a distinctive feature of the neo-fascist skinhead organization, whose average age ranges from 16-18 years.Committing to the ideology of struggle and a strong personality cult, they direct their energy to fight with many other subcultures, desperately hate hippies, ravers, people with different skin color.