Business handshake made sure to clean and ready for the gesture with his hands.Of particular importance is the effort that you put into the process.Weak made "Aby-like" shaking hands, produces an unpleasant, is not conducive to further communicate the impression, however strong, compressing his hand partner "ticks" greeting also creates a positive effect.


According to the rules of business etiquette to shake hands for the exchange of handshakes should be strictly parallel to the outstretched palm towards you.Filed under slope overhanging, moving from top to bottom hand shows some superiority filed gradually, from the bottom - has the effect of presmykanie, flattery.Of course the reaction time should not be delayed by more t
han 2-3 seconds.

Do not shake too gave his hand, from the outside it may look ridiculous, even comical.Etiquette allowed small pat free hand formed the castle, it creates a positive effect, indicating the good will, readiness for sincere cooperation.


During the handshake, try not to look away from the person's face, to see the bridge, it will create the effect of commitment and an open view.Do it calmly and confidently, taking a benevolent view of thinking about something positive.This will give a good mood, not only you but also your partner.Not schurtes not roll your eyes, it is indecent.

unspoken rules

During handshake there are some unspoken rules to facilitate the implementation of best quality greeting.Thus, the head always initiates a handshake in collaboration with a subordinate, a senior and respected partner in relation to the younger and a woman - in relation to the man.

handshake should tell a lot about a man must be strong enough and determined intermittent.In a relationship with a woman you should not express themselves as well as the interaction with men, but also to act too slowly and not too vigorously will not "comme il faut."Kissing a woman's outstretched hand only if you have previously met and you know that your gesture will be appreciated properly.In the presence of strangers, as well as if the lady in the society is not one to kiss the hand can not.

Handshake - a sign of peace and cooperation to be used even before the deadly samurai, but meets all the traditions and rules of combat, renunciation of gesture - a sign of disrespect, neglect.