rating opens a small African country of Andorra.Local citizens because of his love for alcohol were able to take seventh place.The results showed that per capita in the country account for almost 15.5 liters of alcohol per year.
a step below in the "hit parade" is Estonia, where the per capita annual leave 15.56 liters of alcoholic beverages.The authorities unsuccessfully trying to reduce the number of drunk alcohol, introducing the same to the Russian ban on its sale from 22-00 to 10-00.It is forbidden to sell alcohol or paint to minors, as well as appearing with alcohol in public places, except in specially designated (meaning restaurants, cafes and bars).
In fifth place is the
Ukraine.The rich tradition of the feast, which can not take place without the famous vodka and pepper vodka, along with a European mentality, which does not provide strong prohibitions on drinking alcohol played a role.Therefore, as a result of investigations, it became known that the average Ukrainian consumes annually about 15.57 liters.
In fourth place is possible to see Russia, which is considered the birthplace of vodka and various liqueurs based on it.In the case of the Russians, the level of alcohol consumption per capita is 15.57 liters per year.This figure drops slightly from year to year that lawmakers associated with introducing the country's restrictions on the sale of alcohol.Curiously, the lion's share of drunk takes no vodka or cognac and beer.
third place intoxicating "hit parade" takes Hungary.And this fact is very surprising, because in this country than anywhere else, like to drink a beer at a delicious dinner and a variety of hearty traditional dishes.In just one year, Hungary can drink about 16.3 liters of intoxicating beverages.
Ā«Silver" in the ranking was able to win the Czech Republic, which is famous worldwide for its beer.Here, the average person uses about 16.5 liters of alcohol.It should be noted that the Czech brewing traditions have a long history.And because there are no limits will be able to limit the consumption of beer, especially since the place of the Czech Republic in the rankings, in fact, is quite questionable, because extremely difficult to calculate how much drink citizens, and how much of its multi-million dollar tourist crowd, arriving specifically for thattry one of the famous varieties of fresh beer.
Well, the first "victory" takes the place of Moldova.This is a country where almost everyone has mastered the knowledge and practice of wine making art.Probably, this fact could affect such results, which show that the average per person per year is about 18.3 liters of alcohol.