Many spirituality associated only with religious, although she claimed, and in other areas of public life: psychology, philosophy, cultural studies, pedagogy and even political science.This rod that supports each of these areas individually and society as a whole.
In religion, spirituality is treated as presence in person of the Holy Spirit.The more close to the people of God, the deeper spiritual life.But what if a person is an unbeliever?Is it unspiritual?Of course not.Just his morality is measured other values.For example, a thrust to the heights of culture and self-improvement.Often people art assign even "spiritual status".But every year the work is becoming more widely, resulting in the loss of its true purpose - to affect the best strings of the
human soul.
human existence would be impossible without the three core values: truth, beauty and goodness.They make up the formula of spirituality by which a person is aware of the world and form their attitude towards him.With it, one realizes his destiny and the meaning of life.Now these values ​​are overshadowed.Increasingly, the notion of "degradation of society", which is addressed to the younger generation.If people are growing up in the Soviet era, morals instilled from childhood, already their children in these matters given complete freedom.
In our century less attention is paid to improving education.With the process of formation moral culture focus has shifted to learning outcomes.Getting an education is seen as a formality rather than as a source of spiritual growth of the individual.
Modern youth are less drawn to literature, to instilling a sense, to develop creativity and understand life.To replace the classics comes mass culture, a task which is likely to entertain rather than foster independent thinking.
family ceases to be the standard of education, and the statistics of divorce is only confirmed.Money becomes the main component of success, displacing the love, kindness and care.In a world where individualism reigns, people do not have enough understanding and mutual support.Personal growth turned out to be an important activity for the benefit of one's neighbor.
spirituality reflects the wealth of inner peace and the degree of perfection of the individual.An objective assessment of his spiritual life can only give the man himself, guided by conscience and in harmony with yourself.Spirituality should be developed with the strengthening of the active position in life, the desire for self-knowledge and the desire to make this world a better place.