Order - is a sign of the special award, which honors a person for outstanding achievements in the military and civil service, sports, science, the arts, as well as in the social and political sphere.Orders are divided into state and public.

Order in today's presentation is the highest form of rewarding outstanding citizen, regardless of his social status.The emergence of the Order due to the chivalric tradition.In the Middle Ages with orders awarded only those citizens who were at high social level.Holders of the honorary awards at the time were linked by a single purpose of serving the Russian state.


Medal - a distinguishing mark, which is awarded f
or significant achievements in a particular area of ​​the economy, the arts, science and sports.

medal in ancient times, too, only gifts to distinguished people of the upper class.The medal is a valuable gift in the form of gold or silver coins, worn around the neck like a medallion.Assigned medal saying that the owner has a high social status, ie,she was not only an indicator of valor and merit special holder, but also the sign of a special status in society.

Today medal is awarded for outstanding achievements and heroic deeds.It is now not usually worn around the neck, a mark of distinction attached to the clothing clip or pin.

Medals are divided on the anniversary and award.Commemorative awarded an honorary member of various organizations and participants of celebrations and important members of the delegations.Presentation of medals of this kind are usually confined to the memorials.

Award medals awarded for military success, heroism, success in work, as well as for sports victories.It is important that today medal may not be completely unrelated to the actual state affairs, it can be a kind of inner distinction, for example, a medal in honor of the anniversary of Education may approve an enterprise.This distinction has no "state" values, but very honorable in the walls of a single company.Often these medals are used as measures of non-financial incentives.There are medals Russian Federal Migration Service, the Prosecutor's Office and others. Executive bodies.

If we talk about the fundamental difference between an order and a medal, it is this: the Order - is more honorable than a medal, a distinctive sign.However, a person is awarded the Order of the order books, which gives the right to apply to a number of social privileges and benefits.In addition, a modern award may be awarded to the same person more than once.