universal answer to this question does not exist, because everyone has their own level of development and their way.This idea is very aptly reflects saying: "What Russian well, the Germans - death."Therefore, live as you see fit, respecting only one condition - be honest with yourself.
Give love to close people.Find the time for them to talk to them, see a movie, cook a cake.Spend time together in nature.It does not harm people if there is no need for it, to show compassion, learning to forgive.
develop their skills, train the intellect to "educate" the body.If the body and the brain is not trained -
they degrade over time.Communicate with people who have a lot to learn.
Drink clean water, eat well, quenched and periodically clean your body, then he will thank you health and beauty at any age.If you are sick, do not wait until the disease will go very far.The body speaks to man in the language of disease, it suggests what to look out for.For example, cold can report body fatigue, joint problems - a lack of flexibility.
Watch your thoughts.Negative thoughts bring bad things into your life , positive - prosperity.Often, this occurs with some delay.So when you feel bad, you force yourself to smile through force.Let it be unnatural, but it will certainly help.Smile every time in the morning when you wake up and at night before bedtime.
Think about your destination.Every time before a big undertaking answer the question "why are you doing this?" Do not waste life for nothing.
Struggle with laziness and fear.Every day, force yourself to do something you do too lazy or what you are afraid.Believe in yourself.
create.Let it be designed by you form or cut fabric scarf, bolted your compass in the car or going in a circle singing.
Do not scold yourself for what has already been done.So you direct your energy in the past.Sends it to the upcoming events.Draw conclusions and move on.Do not live in the past.Love and respect yourself, but get rid of the ego.
Do not let the consumer society to impose your values ​​and unnecessary race for technology.Do not be a slave to money.Manage your resources.