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Gauls - the Latin name of the Celtic tribes inhabiting the territory of France, Switzerland, Belgium and northern Italy.Latin word gallus means "rooster".So the Romans called their northern neighbors for the bright red color of their long hair, similar rooster combs.It was widely known and extraordinary militancy of the Celtic tribes, constantly raided and who beat just until recently that only reinforces the prevailing opinion.

Residents of modern France consider themselves descendants of the ancient Gauls.Strictly speaking, this is not entirely correct, because they have ancestors and the Romans, the Goths, and the Lombards, the Britons and many other nations.However, the inhabitants of this country is impressed by the relationship with bullies Gauls, the most similar to the French te

like a rooster became a national symbol

In the early 90-ies of the XVIII century in revolutionary France was a competition for a new image of obverse and reverse of new coins of 20 francs.The winner was Augustin Dupré.His sketch was presented the image of France and the genius of the altar, on the one hand that the jury was advised to add the symbol of vigilance - cock.

new coins were struck and came into circulation in 1791.The French, who saw them in the image of a bird, it became known as the Gallic rooster, especially since they have always been proud kinship with militancy the Gauls.In addition, the countries covered by the revolutionary fever, felt at that time a real uplift: ladies sported hats resembling cocks' combs, ordinary citizens at work and at play sang patriotic songs, artists portrayed in the paintings of the rooster as a symbol of the revolution.Gradually, the cock in the minds of the French became associated exclusively with their freedom-loving nation.

Image rooster in this role since well represented not only on coins, but also on postage stamps, caricatures, posters and military awards.It is noteworthy that there is a cock and the emblem of the French Olympic Committee.

But is the French use a rooster as their symbol?No.The rooster is a national hallmark of Portugal and Sri Lanka, its image is on the coats of arms of Kenya and Trinidad and Tobago.However, due to the French Revolution, which influenced the fate of the world, and taken up in the minds of the Gallic rooster to heaven, he is primarily associated with the French.