basic requirements

Before you go out, you must ensure cleanliness and absence of various defects in their appearance.Boots, regardless of the season, should be thoroughly cleaned, the clothes should be ironed and spotless, not torn, and neat.With a neat appearance, you'll have to imagine others.

not good on the street is noisy and unrestrained show their emotions: laughing loudly, waving his arms, yelling, crying, whistle, sing songs, thus violating the public peace.Bad and ugly to eat food while driving.Edible products if there was such a desire, it is best to use in designated areas, but not on the go.Engage external urinating in full view unseemly and disrespectful - to apply and correct makeup, manicure, hair com
b, pick your nose and teeth.

spit under the feet of passers-by and throw garbage bins is totally unacceptable.Smoking, being in public places is prohibited, not only from an ethical point of view, but also the law.Drinking alcohol at all to reduce the cultural level, and provides a negative example for children.

necessary to observe basic rules of the road - cross the road only at a green light, to be careful and cautious.Read books and newspapers, going way, can not, because it is not safe because of the saturation of the road.When planting in public transport is not necessary to break forward and shove expected, and show good manners and give all women and the elderly.

Politeness as a norm

does not prevent other pedestrians, if you suddenly wanted to stay: at a meeting friends, reading and outdoor advertising board or simply to find anything on your phone, purse, pocket.Move to the side to the other passers-by were able to move freely on.

uncultured carefully considered strangers, turn around and follow them look and point to a specific person with a finger.If you need to ask a question to the people around you, ask politely and thank for the answer.Speaking entirely unacceptable rude, swear words, they can insult and offend others.

Help strangers if they need help: hold the door, help to bring heavy bags, become a part of the elderly and women when exiting public transport - to give them a hand.