Islamic religion very seriously the establishment of marriage.And consider carefully the position of the divorce.The last action is not approved in the Muslim religion, as well as in other exercises.Popular rumor has in store for the occasion saying.It calls for 10 times to think, if you're going to enter into a marriage in the case of a divorce have to think 10 times.It is a fair comment.
No matter what religion or brought spouses, divorce leads to chaos and injure the souls of men.Therefore, under sharia divorce rarely done.

But life is far from ideal and often cracked harmony can not be restored.Islam went to meet human weakness and allowed divorce, but without much blessing.To avoid chaos in this matter Sharia stipulates strict compliance with the conditions.


divorce Divorce can take place only between people, consisting in a legal marriage, decorated by all the rules of Islam.The initiator of the action often serves man.However, women are not powerless in this situation and can also declare the severance of relations.

statement adopted in the case to the attention of an adequate status of the applicant.Mentally ill or drunk person can not expect to meet the request.People can be separated in the following cases:
- the death of one of them,
- apostasy,
- acquiring ownership of one over the other,
- treason.

procedure divorce

Divorce Sharia is a simple procedure.Man enough to say the word "Talaaq" witnesses.After that, the couple have three months to reconcile.If you can achieve the restoration of the family - nothing is no longer applicable.Spouses are lawful husband and wife.If you say "Talaaq" three times, then the marriage is terminated immediately.Both sides are now free and can start a new relationship.If you wish to join former spouses remarried each other need to go in a second marriage, divorce and re-combined.

When her husband in front of witnesses announces divorce 9 times, then the resumption of relations is impossible under any circumstances.

woman becomes forbidden status to the former husband.However, the simplicity of the procedure does not alleviate responsibility.Divorce is strongly condemned among friends and relatives, which leads the spouses to take responsibility for one another.