you need
  • to feel the ball past years, enough to learn to dance the waltz - the most beloved and popular dance from the times of the 19th century.In addition, you can try to dance the mazurka, polonaise and Minuet.
To imagine the ball past years, you should know that initially, in the seventeenth century, was a popular topic of country dances.But it was so long ago that few can (even from specialists) to recreate these dances with maximum precision.A century later, in the XVIII century,
it became fashionable Baroque - as in art generally and in the dances.Get an idea of ​​the balls at the court of Elizabeth and Catherine the Great's possible for a historical film.These ballroom dancing was technically complex, and our contemporaries are unlikely to be able to master them (if they wanted) with all the nuances.
much closer and more accessible for us balls of the nineteenth century - they were dancing a waltz loved by many, though it has since changed somewhat.Waltz accompanied polka, mazurka, quadrille.At balls, including a school (in high schools) is required to present the manager - a kind of conductor of the ball, which should obey.At the ball ought to stick to etiquette, which inherited the modern dances, which are held in the Noble Assembly.If it is not masked, the gentleman invites only the lady, with which he is familiar and which he has just presented.With one and the same partner for one night you can dance no more than two dances.The lady that gentleman invites you to dance, can refuse if the dance had promised.If the gentleman liked the lady who is in the company of another, before the invitation to dance to ask their consent.
during ceremonial dances (minuet or polonaise) should be up already standing behind the couple.The distance between the pairs - about one meter.In dance, the gentleman leads the lady if there was some kind of an awkward collision with other dancers, responsible and apologizes is a partner, not a partner.Dancing stick straight, looking at each other, conduct easy conversation - can exchange remarks.After the dance was over, the gentleman removes his lady to the place where she was saying goodbye to the invitation and polite bow, to which the lady responds with the appropriate setting elegance.