14-18 age

Turkic languages ​​are moving and actively populated river basin Chulym, their culture is full of echoes of the Khakass, Tatar and even Mongolian traditions.Their main occupation is considered to be fishing and hunting fur-bearing areas, what the indigenous people of Siberia, it must be said, has succeeded greatly.
Today Chulyms live in Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk and Altai territories, the republic of Altai.

Chulyms - people are far from typical housekeeping, animal husbandry, farming and even more so - not their strong point.But gathering and staffing stocks securities berries and herbs - a characteristic feature of this hard-working people, which has reached its maximum population in the 18th century and made almost 4000 peop


Traditional Chulyms inhabited towns in mud huts and yurts open clay stove, numerous benches and chests, rather just a linen clothing, dresses, coats, adorn themselves with beads, earrings and rings.In winter, change shoes in the boots or hunting boots.They prefer meat and dried fish.Dairy dishes like the tradition of eating pork and mushrooms came later and was basically forced upon the influence of Russian traditional cuisine, as well as the borscht, kvass and beer.

Chulyms enough care of nature, and even have their own development in relation to all kinds of environmental measures.
to marry other women censured peoples for centuries, thanks to this endogamy, perhaps, to save this nation.Wife chose the father, could only challenge the choice of the mother, but as a rule, it rarely happened.In all fairness.It is worth noting that any of totalitarianism was not in families, and so the decision was made solely on marriage by mutual consent.Today, of course, marry Chulyms on anyone, but all ethnic marriages are also frequent.

20th century

Despite the fact that Chulyms considered Orthodox Christians until the 30s of the 20th century in individual villages preserved shamanism, the worship of spirits and forces of nature.Paganism can be traced in many ceremonies and traditions, for example, despite the apparently quite Christian funeral Chulyms put the deceased attributes of his earthly life, bred funeral fires.

Today Chulyms defined as the indigenous people of the Russian Federation, the main their habitats considered Tomsk region.The last years are characterized by a strong recovery of consciousness is so small but optimistic people, preferring to observe and respect the traditions of particular marriage between "their".Chulyms not only believe in themselves, they are not allowed to sink into oblivion in their time of assimilation, but also continue to observe rites, festivals and beliefs.