┬źNothing costs so cheap and not valued so much as politeness."Whatever feelings you may have experienced in person, always behave politely. People , having many friends, know how and love to chat.They are at ease and feel confident in any company.Such a man will never be alone.
Try to main rule your communication with people has become well-known saying: "Treat people the way you want them to treat you."Never say bad and do not gossip about a person, even if you are very angry at him.Humor appropriate.H
owever, before you speak, think, will not be offended if you are any of those present his own joke.Mockery looks, names, names of people not allowed.Such jokes are definitely hurt and upset.
Each person has dignity.Ideal people do not happen.While respecting the other, appreciate and respect yourself.From this it depends very much on your attitude towards others.
talking with a man, do not interrupt him.First, to listen, and then to express their opinions.If you are killed, it is not necessary to shout and be indignant.Listen silence - around you is still quite uneducated people.Communicating with a person, call him by name only.If you have made a gift, accept it with gratitude and admiration, even if it is something you are not satisfied.
Polite people do not forget to thank him for the support of other aid or service.And try to respond in kind.If you accidentally disturb someone, be sure to apologize.The words "thank you", "please", "please", "if you please," etc.You should become familiar and natural to you.
polite man has a sense of proportion.He is tactful and can find a common language with everyone.A communication will be a pleasant and harmonious if the sides will respect each other's opinions.
All these simple recommendations to varying degrees, are known to everyone.But if they follow?If you make your rule friendly chat with people, you will soon notice that your circle of acquaintances is expanding, and you easily find a common language with the interlocutors.