Be honest, because it really is a good man honest.An honest man in any case is in good faith, it is not necessary either to adjust or control.Do not be fooled by any partners or colleagues or employer.An honest man is trying to effectively carry out the work for which he undertook, and for him the main thing - do not benefit, and the benefit of the case.Unfortunately, it's the quality of a good man are often used in other selfish purposes.
Be demanding on yourself.Only ignorant pleased with himself.High standards, a good man who imp
oses, first of all, to himself, making it kinder and more tolerant towards shortcomings and mistakes of others.
always respond for themselves and their actions.For every action and every word answer, first of all, yourself.Do not shift the blame onto the shoulders of others.This awareness will allow you to say the words and do the things for which then will not be ashamed.A sense of responsibility inherent good man makes others feel to it calmly and confidently.
Be consistent.Being a good person - is not easy.You must have guidelines that must be followed at all times.They can be both biblical and other adapted to today's realities.If you have a good life guidelines, follow them.
respect and love yourself, it will allow you to respect and love others.A good man can not be a lone misanthrope.See how many friends have good people, and, interestingly, their friends are good people too.Believe in the people, and they will tell you the same.