Be courteous.By courtesy meant, above all, universal care, helpfulness to others.Learn to be forgiving people, give way to the elderly, women, children.Avoid eating in your speech trivial expressions and swear words.Be friendly, considerate in conversation.But do not talk about anything with too much passion and fervor.Do not communicate in a foreign language or a professional in a society where you do not understand.Avoid disrespectful remarks against a foreign appearance, profession, occupation.
Be able to patiently listen to the interlocutor, not interrupting him under any circumstances.Be careful what you sa
y to whom and in what tone of voice.However, remember that excessive politeness is not a virtue, it is a burden companion, suggestive of your insincerity and bombast.Therefore, out of courtesy do not sacrifice your needs, do not show excessive concessions.
Walk politely, making it clear to others that you are familiar with the manners and etiquette.The relaxed politeness help woo the people.Of course, it's not about a low bow, and the ability to behave respectfully.
Follow the above rules of decency.Try to avoid neglect of tone, kind of proud, too many explanations and digressions in his speech.Do not speak in a whisper in front of other people, do not look at the clock, do not read, do not humming to himself, when others have to say.In talking stick to simple phrases, do not get excited, do not say laudatory phrases about themselves, their virtues and talents.
Finally, be yourself, do not take the form, not according to your status, and others were just such respect and attention they deserve.