1. Post letter of rejection with recurrence

    One of the most common ways of drawing up rejection letters is a summary at the beginning of the request of the applicant.This will convince the recipient that his application did not go unnoticed: acquainted with him, but for objective reasons, were unable to meet.

  2. Post letter of refusal to comment

    right to start a letter-refusal can comment.This form is appropriate to apply if the applicant sent a letter to the claim form.The comments should be listed the applicant's arguments, which according to the second side.Moreover, arguments.Then you can gradually move to the reasons that the claim can not be satisfied: and succinctly summarized.Using a generalized formulation of it
    s refusal to soften.The recipient does not regard him as an individual, which applies solely to him.

  3. What wording used

    In drawing up letters of refusal is necessary to sustain a letter in a polite, correct tone.To do this, enter the text of the relevant words and phrases: "unfortunately," "forced to dismiss," "prevented", etc.

  4. Ends letters should be reassuring for the recipient.You can focus on the prospects: "The next year is expected to stabilize the economic situation, which will strengthen the position of our company and will provide an opportunity to embark on new projects.We will be ready to continue the cooperation, which is currently due to objective reasons is difficult to implement. "

    The main thing to understand the customer, the customer that the company is interested in it, and a positive decision on his matter.But it is temporarily unable to do so.

  5. What should I avoid Getting

    letter suggests an explanation of the reasons for refusal.However, extensive explanations and apologies in this case inappropriate.After unreasonable requests and claims not require a second side to apologize to their author.

  6. In drawing up the letter should move away from bureaucratic cliches and common language, not only regarding the essence of the application or the application and its content is more like a runaround.The text should be clearly structured, reasoned and concise on specific issues.In this case, the refusal seems logically follows from the above facts.Moreover, the recipient receives it less painful.

    All other letters any letter begins with the usual greeting.If it comes to business correspondence, the drawing up of such rules should be studied in advance.