first determine exactly what is familiar.You saw him only once or have already managed to make your opinion about it?This person of the opposite sex or the same with you?These parameters will depend on the specifics of the expelled priglasheniya.Vam should take into account the specifics of the upcoming meeting.Business negotiations, a friendly party, meeting "without ties" - all of these species exhibit their requirements for registration as an oral and a written invitation.
So you want to invite someone to a business meeting.Firstly, the need to use the business style.It is a friend you can dash off a note, which will be some intricate metaphors, and he will understand you.In a letter to a business partner
such parables should not be.Everything has to be very clear: any meeting, which is devoted to what is expected of the invitee.Do not forget about the etiquette formulas: Special polite terms, that you are not suspected of rudeness.
If the meeting for which you are inviting, informal and familiar - it is rather a future friend, not a business partner, you can afford to humor, original design, riddles.Just be careful: better find out in advance whether it likes familiar joke, and if you like, which ones.Learn more about this man will not prevent in any case: it may be better to write something like a business invitation, and then people will come to you, and if you start experimenting with illustrations and jokes, then decide that you are making fun of him.
Please note that to a person of the opposite sex should be treated with much more tact.Therefore, if you are bad you know a woman who writes, or from which you access, it is best to write something like an official letter and not in any way hold the jokes that can be misunderstood.The situation is aggravated, if she is married or engaged.The same precautions should be taken in relation to men, particularly married, if the invitation is a girl.