Chinese calendar is divided into solar and solar-lunar.The first can be attributed more to the agricultural.And the second is known in such cases as the Xia calendar, which is popular in East Asia, and the Calendar of Qin Dynasty, invented in 221 BC by the Emperor Qin Shi Huang.Today in China, widely used, and the Gregorian calendar, but the moon is still defines the national day celebrations: New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival.And also dictates the start of field work.
the Chinese New Year is called "Spring Festival."His date is variable, but it is necessarily the interval January 21-February 20.Every new year is counted from the day of the first new moon after the winter solstice.The c
oncepts of "calendar year" old calendar does not know why the Chinese are sixty-year cycle, the reference point which is considered to be 2397 BCAccordingly, now - 4711 year on the Chinese calendar, which ends 02/18/2015.Although considered rather than years, and cycles, then in 2014 of the Gregorian calendar - the 74th cycle, 3rd year.
Europeans independently compute cycles and years of Chinese is very difficult, however, and in China, few people believed them himself.For help with translation table calendar come and adaptation cycles to modern realities.
After joining the broad masses of the Gregorian (new) calendar became known as the old moon."Trace" of the Chinese calendar can clearly be seen in other nations.For example, the Korean calendar is completely similar to the Chinese, the Vietnamese have small changes (Ivory replaced Rabbit in the zodiacal circle) in the Japanese changed the principle of calculation.
Some elements of the old calendar used China and Islamic nations.For example, the names of the animals that have translated into Turkish, have been used for keeping records of officials and historians from the Middle Ages to the present day.In Iran, the lunar calendar used by the peasants and those who collected taxes, but only until 1925, which imposed a ban on this type of calendar in the country.
closer to the modern version of the Chinese calendar approved Emperor Wu in 104 BC.Calendar called Tai Chi, has been named as the era of the Board and Wu, which means "Great Start".
great contribution to the development of the Chinese calendar systems introduced scientist Zhang Heng.He belongs to many discoveries: first, he tried to count the number of stars and to specify an the fact that the moon is not likely to have its own light but only reflects the light of other luminaries.
12 animals of the ancient Chinese calendar is used to denote months, and later to determine the time of day.When discussing the daily life of Chinese well-known person or communicate with each other on the issue of age you can just answer in a year someone is born, for example, in the year of the Cat.A more exact age can be determined by external appearance.
By means of calendar Xia resort when choosing the wedding day or the opening of any institution."Cards of Destiny" every Chinese up and using the calendar Xia.The easiest way to distinguish the lunar calendar of the sun - to see which way it is described.If the characters, it's sunny, and if the figures can be sure that this is a lunar calendar.