How much time men wore skirts?Think of Christopher Columbus.He wore a green tunic, tights and leather shoes and a raincoat and a hat made of leather.This picture does not represent a sample of masculinity in human performance.

Thomas Jefferson also did not wear pants.He preferred to pants.In the 1760s, many men wore tight pants and knee socks.Sailors began to wear very loose trousers in the 1580s, but this is only the clothing was for men of the lower class, and the gentlemen wore skirts to the 1760s.The French Revolution of 1789 protested against the fact that the pants were treated only the upper class.At the same time there wer
e the first farmers in the pants.

So, men's trousers are quite a new fashion.Men wore skirts at least ten thousand years.A pants modern humanity is only 200 years old.And some of the male population of the world continues to wear dresses.

Our days

The idea that a man in today's society goes in a skirt today is puzzling.
It seems that these days a strong half of humanity is rediscovering the practicality and convenience of the skirt.This item of clothing, of course, is less embarrassing for the lower body.In addition, some doctors say that loose clothing that does not hinder the body, can help men live healthier lives and have high reproductive functions.An important fact is the fact that the skirt is very convenient for both men and women.

in different parts of the world such as Africa, Indonesia, the Middle East, the Philippines, India, men prefer to wear skirts.In Greece and Scotland men's skirts and to this day are the official uniform.After the recent catwalk in Milan and Paris began to represent men's skirts, it seems that this trend began to slowly take root.
main reason for doubt is that the male is afraid to wear skirts to avoid being mistaken for gay.However, the rules are not fashionable to men wore women's skirts, but the fact that they wore skirts made specifically for the male figure.

Pants, are mainly European or American clothing.In other parts of the world are males often wear skirts or dresses of a particular type.Going on a trip to a foreign country, try, try on clothes typical of her, and you will be pleasantly surprised.These clothes will help you not to stand out from the crowd.In addition, you will not be regarded as a stranger, and you will be taken with great cordiality.