Tip 1: Why not allow a gay parade

movement LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) are constantly trying to organize a gay parade in the Russian cities.But June 6, 2012 the Moscow City Court upheld the decision to ban such activities until 2112.Activists of the appeal, but the refusal to hold gay pride parades recognized.

Judging by the results of those shares LGBT movement, which they have managed to hold anything good neither for Lesbian, nor the inhabitants of Russian cities they do not bring.Almost all of these parades are over mass brawl participants opponents movements.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin considers it inappropriate to hold a gay pride parade in Moscow.His opinion in 2010 has not changed.Mayor of Moscow and the familiar attitude of most people in the capital to such shares - sharply negative.He believes that it is necessary to consider the opinion of respected senior citizens, parents and other Muscovites.

opinion poll showed that anti-gay parades speaks about 60-70% of Russians (according to different sources).So the
power of the northern capital abandoned the march of sexual minorities, fearing to provoke the citizens to riots and fights.Head of the Administration of St. Petersburg analyzed data from surveys and decided that gay parades are more propaganda lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism than combat violations of civil rights.

conflict and unrest, and the government does not need other Russian cities, where the majority of citizens as actively oppose the carrying out of actions of sexual minorities.LGBT Movement demands that gay parades were allowed, as in many European countries.From Russia expected the same tolerance.

But activists of sexual minorities to forget that in those countries, too, was quite a fierce struggle for the rights of homosexuals.They, too, were beaten, and some even died.Public opinion does not uniquely Westerners, some are gay parades and clashes occur negatively in Germany and in the Netherlands.

The Russian government believes that members of the gay movement should be less outrageous and provocative way to fight for their rights.

Tip 2: Will the gay pride parade in St. Petersburg

In any society periodically brewing conflicts, when some members of the public self-expression is in contradiction with the moral values ​​of others.There is a very difficult situation.The debate on the gay parade in St. Petersburg, has been underway for more than a year, with each of the warring parties feels right.
Would a gay pride parade in St. Petersburg

representatives of sexual minorities is not the first year asking St. Petersburg authorities to authorize the procession in the city, pointing out that it would campaign to draw attention to the situation of discrimination against same-sex families.The summer of 2012 seems to be the resolution has been obtained, but later still withdrawn Committee for the rule of law.An attempt to hold a rally against the city adopted the law banning propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors resulted in clashes with neo-Nazis, as a result of the meeting lasted only a few minutes.

question of whether it would be held in St. Petersburg, a full gay parade is an open question.However, we can assume that in Russia, a country with centuries-old Christian traditions like procession for a long time will not be able to get something that is not approved, but even just a tolerant attitude on the part of the population.As a result, the authorities are in a difficult situation: the principles of respect for human rights seems to be obliged to listen to the needs of sexual minorities and to allow them to hold peaceful demonstrations.At the same time, the overwhelming majority of the population considers such activities unacceptable because they are corrupting the youth, destroying centuries-old family foundations.On the side of the majority and the Church, which occupies in this matter quite clear uncompromising position.

way out yet and it seems that soon will not be.Treatment of sexual minorities in the foreign human rights organizations also came to nothing lead, and can not lead - whatever pressure the Western human rights activists are not provided to the Russian authorities, the government will never go against the views of the overwhelming majority of the population and the position of the Church.If the gay parade will take place on one day, and he should be held under tight police unhitching as skirmishes with opponents of similar marches are inevitable.