Sin - a departure from the traditional ways of life imposed by a particular religious denomination or the traditions dictated by public opinion, causingpassions and temptations of Eve voluptuous serpent.Everyone at least once in his life heard the legend of the seven sins, including pride, greed, lust, envy, love of food, anger and even despondency.Fall is considered not only a violation of certain established canons, but even the desire and the thought of their violation.
happens that sin is not related to human laws and does not entail any measures liable, however, condemned by morality or religion.

Buddhism and Judaism

In many religions and positive set of sinful affairs determines the fate of a man on the ground, and after the end of his term within the life of the bo
dy.Buddhism, for example, believes the result of sin and ignorance of human error, Life is a way to comprehend the truth, and thus get rid of sin.Judaism classifies the sin of an offense involving violations of one of the 613 commandments.


Islam refers to the fall of man's weakness, succumbed to the temptation by the devil, and the worst sin is the worship and recognition of the assistants of God Allah.

Islam, unlike Orthodoxy believes that the sin committed by one can not be redeemed or released until the Last Judgment, a person can only change their behavior and to fill life with good deeds, that somehow can affect the movement of the scales.

In Christianity

Orthodoxy adheres to traditional beliefs that sin - the omission of a spiritual, not physical, that is, in itself it (sin) can not be displayed, but live and grow inside a person, however, repentance, orsincere repentance is able to cure and relieve suffering and unjust life once and for all.

Catholics believe that priests can not only ease the repentant soul, but completely let go and is conspired crimes they fall, related primarily to the selfishness and narcissism.In the Middle Ages the Catholic Church ranked sins, highlighting the seven deadly and hundreds of incidental or derived from them.In accordance with the impairment was determined by the degree of fault and the level of subsequent punishment. Protestantism asserts that sin originally lived in man, his nature being related by kinship with Adam.

Modern society is often far from the beliefs and religions calls sin serious offenses and crimes related to certain unwritten moral prohibition or violation of universally recognized moral compass.Only you can understand and decide that for you sin and what are its consequences.