«No» surprises

Make an dates of the visit in advance, ask the owners when they will be comfortable, as much as possible and try to adjust to their wishes.Do not say: "We'll come around in such numbers."Ask, "Can we live with you and this is for?"Never appeared on the doorstep without warning, even if you are sure that it will be a wonderful surprise.Come up with some other nice surprise.Also, do not come with your friends, children, animals, if you did not agree about it in advance.No need to think out of the home, when and to whom they will be happy - ask, ask and ask again.

«Yes» Gifts

sure to buy your hosts some

thing for free, but it must be a souvenir, according to your budget, and not expensive, pretentious thing.Also, it should not be a "dust collector" something bulky or too souvenir - a statuette, vase, plush toy.Good Gifts is:

- if you are coming from out of town / country, local specialties;

- things for the collection of the owners, if you know that they are addicted to gathering anything;

- souvenirs from Wish list of your friends;

- good wine, tea or coffee, depending on the taste preferences of the owners;

- potted or cut flowers for the hostess.

Know "charter of another monastery»

To avoid any misunderstanding, ask the owners internal regulations of their home.How much they are used to get up and go to bed?When you should not take a bath?Are there any special rules regarding children and / or pets?There is something that the owners consider it important rule in their home?Note that, as the hosts go through its territory - if the house is made to go to breakfast in house dress, you are in a light dressing gown will look somewhat spicy.Conversely, if the owners met the morning relaxed, perhaps it is not necessary to appear in full regalia?

helps, but do not host a

offer their assistance when necessary: ​​

- set the table;

- wash the dishes;

- to call for any products;

- play with the kids or take a walk with the dog.

likely owners will reject your offer, but it would be nice.

Do not even ask, but simply as a matter of course:

- clean your plate after a meal;

- buy any foods that you think are important in the diet;

- Occupy your children quiet games;

- if you take the car owners, do not forget to fill the tank full again.

Moreover, if you buy any special foods for themselves, take them to the calculation at all.Not buy more than you need, you can only if you know that neither the owners nor the households do not eat such food.

If you forget any toiletries, ask hosts, where you can buy them.Most likely, you will be offered use of toothpaste / shampoo / cream, but do not just ask whether it is possible to take a master's.Do not put people in an awkward position because of your forgetfulness.Also, never take the latest products from the refrigerator - perhaps the hostess postponed this fruit for the child, but without the last sip of milk she can not cook scheduled for the morning porridge.

Not Host - no need to wash, clean, sweep and spread, if you just did not ask about it!


The owners are not required to entertain you.They may be happy to take part in your cultural program, but do not have to invent it for you.If you are going to see another city / country, stipulate with the owners in advance where you want to go and what to see, perhaps, they will offer to accompany you, or tell you how to better plan your trip, but do not expect that they will be your cicerone default.

Leave beautifully

the day of departure, check whether you have left your belongings in your assigned room and bathroom.Do not think that the owners themselves thrown out a tube of paste residues, they do not have to clean up after you.Linens remove and carefully fold.If you take some things - books, glasses, toys - return them to places or put somewhere in sight.

thank the hosts for their hospitality, not just leaving.Send them a thank-you letter (e-mail) when you return home.Describe how you have enjoyed visiting with them and tell them how you will be glad to see them at a return visit.