Any ham has one goal - he wants to bring the opponent out of himself, to get the maximum pleasure from the process.And the reason for this is simple: to such ill-mannered antics of people pushing their own systems, as well as unresolved personal problems.Ham does not notice that in itself mired in the ears of their weaknesses, and that is what we can skillfully use.Before you say something in response to need a little silent, as a temper can say something, for what will ultimately be ashamed, and the match will be played with the boor.Resist can only wit and joke in such a situation is insolent defeated, and if it is still around and laugh at, you can immediately become a victim of the master of the situation.

Hama in everyday life

often rude salespeople in the stores, and cafes - waiters in reception - officials in ordinary life - around.The reason is the same: they feel that they are lower on the social ladder than the person to whom they are rude.The seller is trying to assert itself at the expense of visitors, and the waiter is already so accustomed to communicate, because it is addressed in the same tone.Because of this situation, it is necessary to go nicely with humor.If you release subtle with a hint of a joke, we can assume that the deputy put in place.With a waiter or a seller, you can find out very quickly, you can write a complaint to the owner.A pair of such statements and negligent waiter or servant of the counter will be fired.

simple example.A woman with a defiant makeup and artificial nails, and decided to take a dip into the water, looking down at all and releasing barbs against swimmers.A middle aged man sailed past and accidentally sprayed the lady's chest.She had called him and said that he told her then prevents swim.The man replied that he did not prevent her, and her own climax.The woman quickly retreated, as was the laughing stock of others.

Hama at work

work in an atmosphere where one of my colleagues are constantly trying to get nasty and humiliating, difficult.This man probably driven by jealousy.But it is possible to answer several times a satirical vein, and it will fall behind.The main thing is not to enter the fray, the winner of her not to go.

If this way behaves boss feel superior, to respond adequately is more difficult, but there are options.He can just remind you that the person in front of him with his own sense of pride, and speak in such a tone is not necessary.Usually after such a conversation with the authorities there is another victim.

Keep calm is necessary in all situations, especially in the.If you started to yell insults and response, and the answer would be guilty squabble arose.