method honest.He's the easiest.Tell man , whose help you want, about the issue.People can not read your mind, so sometimes just are not aware of your difficulties.Explain why you are not able to cope on their own: not enough time, effort, patience, skill, and money.Tell potential mates that chose him because you trust.But do not force, do not push, do not require an immediate positive response.To describe the situation, give person a chance to think and decide calmly.
method of exchange.Operates on the principle "you - I, I - you" in his good sense.You're asking to help you now and in return offer their services later, or in the other case.This metho
d has long mastered the young mothers who take turns walking children to each other.It is only important to observe the interests of both parties: the assistance provided should be equivalent to a response service.Do not abuse the exchange option to friendly relations do not become a commodity-money.
method captivating, entertaining.It is great for people with common interests.For example, your girlfriend, like you, is interested in cultivation of garden strawberries.Then feel free to contact her for advice and asking to drop valuable plants in your cottage.Bonus to help you get a pleasant chat.
method instructive.You are asking not only help, but also to teach.This variant is very common.For example, you have not been able to figure the car's engine.And requests the other motorist, do it now for you, and teach the future.Most people are willing to act as a mentor.
method philosophical.You will need extensive theoretical knowledge and an enviable eloquence.Reassure the person that supporting you in difficult times, he makes the world better.It sounds complicated, but this method is quite applicable in simple situations.For example, your colleague can hardly stand against a logical chain: helping you to complete the project, it contributes to the development of a company that is actively implementing environmentally friendly technologies in the food industry.
method is wrong.He - blackmail.Requiring human assistance in return for keeping it secret, you are likely to reach their goal.But you know perfectly well that it is unethical.Besides dangerous.Your involuntary assistant nursed a grudge and will look for an opportunity to take revenge on you.
Maybe you fit one of the following methods.Did you come up with your own.In any case, do not forget to sincerely thank my assistant.