symbol of peace

There is a great diversity of species of orchids.There are more than 35 million species of tropical beauties.Orchid-pigeon (one of the varieties of orchids) is a symbol of Panama, only in this country, there are more than 1,300 sub-species of this plant.Orchid-pigeon very poetically called "orchid of the Holy Spirit", this subspecies is not only a symbol of Panama, but also a symbol of peace.However, Panamanians love all kinds of orchids, which are spread almost all over the country and grow in any front garden as a weed.Orchids northern and southern latitudes vary considerably: in the north of the simple inconspicuous flowers grow, but with a surprisingly attractive smell, bu
t in the south in the tropics, especially in mountain forests grow strikingly beautiful orchids.Thanks to the delightful charm of these colors - the places where they grow, are simply fantastic.

By the way, Panamanians do not skimp on the assignment of symbols.Thus, they consider "their" golden frogs, square trees with crown shape and ... predatory harpy.And in addition, of course, the Panama Canal.That is the image of flowers, animals and architectural structures are abundantly present on magnets and plates being brought tourists from a small country.Such an attitude is understandable to the symbols: Panamanians kind to his country and its history, they do not seek to globalization, avoiding the Internet and mobile (cell phone is only every fifth inhabitant).

Challengers orchid

Curiously, the right to be called a symbol of his orchid claims are still a number of countries, such as Venezuela, Guatemala and Costa Rica, where it is considered a symbol of wisdom and gentility.

Venezuela flower embodies the feminine, love, harmony and family hearth.Each color of the flower symbolizes something special.For example, the White Orchid is innocent and colorful - passion.Pink orchid symbolizes strong attachment.Very often like to give orchids in a bouquet as a symbol of this faithful love and strong family ties, the hair of the bride in Venezuela certainly decorated living orchids.

addition to the color diversity of the orchid diversity of its different forms.Nature, creating this beautiful of flowers, do not regret their strength and imagination.There are orchids in the form of butterflies, lizards, jellyfish, spiders, and even in the form of beautiful swans.Orchid flower has traditionally been considered successful people, conquerors and winners, as well as the flower of feminine beauty.