Basics networking

One of the basic rules of ethics of social networking is the personal correspondence that may be publicly released only in the most extreme cases.Alas, some people without a shadow of doubt spread the wrong message to the public access, thus compromising the person or even telling others information they do not need to know.

Make sure that you write.Strongly recommended type messages in capital letters - in network ethics is equivalent to cry, so this technique can offend the interlocutor.Also, do not alternate between uppercase and lowercase letters, use transliteration for no reason.Do not use jargon and does not distort the Russian phrases -
it is not welcome.Finally, keep in mind that smiles are appropriate only in casual conversation, while in business correspondence using them is not necessary.

It is possible to respond quickly.Indecent read the message and leave it unattended for a few hours, or even more so a few days - the interlocutor might think that you ignore it deliberately, but it is offensive.If you are unable to answer immediately, just inform the other party about this, and he does not accept your prolonged silence as unwillingness to continue the conversation.

What is important to consider when communicating online

Particular attention should be paid to the function of smiles.According to the ethics of social networking, they can be used, but only in moderation.If you are annoyed smile, do not need to aggressively respond to the message of the interlocutor.You can gently make a comment, but make sure it does not hurt the other person.Remember that many people have great difficulty communicating on the network because they can not see the person with whom they say, and therefore can not properly assess his emotions.Smiles for them becomes a kind of substitute for intonations, gestures and facial expressions.They help to better understand the emotions of the interlocutor and to express their attitude to the subject.

network communication often implies anonymity, and some people are happy to use it.They insult the others, trying to bring them out of themselves.Of course, this is contrary to the ethics of communication.If you encounter such a companion, do not answer him, so as not to provoke him even more, and better to just ignore all the negative comments.Without waiting for the desired response, such a person will lose interest in you and stop communication.