At the official level adopted annually celebrate Russian Navy on the last Sunday of July.Navy Day is celebrated by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR "On holidays and memorial days", which was signed on October 1, 1980.This day is dedicated to all people who have linked their lives with activities for the protection of sea borders of Russia, as well as people who are directly related to combat training ships, naval units and training bases, naval facilities employees.

Russian fleet

Today Russian fleet - is the Baltic Fleet, the Black Sea Fleet, Northern Fleet and the Pacific Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla.Each year, the family grows combat and patrol vessels, which are not rarely have the latest equipment and navigation system, which no one else in the world.A
fter a protracted crisis of perestroika times that fleet survived with dignity, has developed special program, under which more than 40 warships will be delivered to the Navy until 2015, it is expected the construction of nuclear-powered submarines, frigates.

In 2012, were put in combat diesel submarine B-90 "Sarov", DPL B-585 "St. Petersburg", the frigate "Yaroslav the Wise" Corvettes "Guarding", "savvy" and "Dagestan".

Day memory

Navy Day in Russia - this is not just another holiday, the event memory of the people killed in sea battles, the sadness of separation from loved ones and family, it's an honor that everyone shouldgive in memory of the heroes of the sea.The navy for many centuries is the guardian of order and holds the country's defense.Difficult to overestimate the importance of the Navy.

is worth noting that the very creation of the fleet has become a necessity for Russia, at the turn of 17-18 centuries, as the country is trying to overcome the geographical and political isolation.And in the reign of Tsar Peter I the Great, it was decided on the establishment of the Russian Navy.

Advanced from a technical point of view, the Russian nuclear submarine K-152 "Nerpa" leased to India.
Tsar Peter the Great, which was based on Western experience, knew that without the development of the fleet and its further movement, the country will not be able to move to other frontiers.His work was truly ambitious, already in 1700, was produced and launched more than 40 113 sailing and rowing boats.

Currently, the Russian Navy is kind of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and for the protection and warfare.Navy:
- surface forces,
- submarine forces,
- coastal troops, including marines,
- naval aviation.