word "Yankee" was first usedin 1758 the British army general, James Wolfe, in relation to his soldiers, natives of New England.Obviously, the word has meaning shade of disrespect, neglect.Thus, since the XVIII century.history of the term originates.
There are several etymological relatives of the term "Yankee".The first of them - an Indian.According to this theory, "the forefather" Yankees - the word «eankke» means cowardly people and says the Indians against the colonists of New England.This theory has no documentary evidence, so the scientists considered far-fetched.
Next theory suggests that the word comes from a combination of «Jan» and «Kees» - the most common names among Dutch colonists who inhabited the present territory of Alabama.Which are also applied to the colonists.
In emotional color it approaches the value of the word "Fritz" during World War II.At the time - the War of Independence (1775-1783) the word "Yankee" was used by soldiers against the rebels.Word swept not only the warring parties but also all the inhabitants of the Northern States.Later, since the Civil War (1861-1865), known as "Yankee" is strengthened for the residents of six northern States.Southerners are so opposed themselves and the opposition.Here, too, by the way, there is a tinge of scorn and the pursuit of prey.
At the beginning of the XIX century.word gets widespread in English-speaking countries such as New Zealand, Australia.It uses it to separate themselves from the Americans, but now in a truncated version of «Jank».It is possible that this form is present in the English language still.Nowadays, the name "Yankee" is associated with all residents and natives of American States.
In the sixties of the XX century.receives widespread slogan «Yankee, go home!» It is connected with the demand to release the Cuban island and send home US troops stationed at Guantanamo Bay.However, for example, in Japan, the slogan could be heard before.Shortly after the Second World War in France, there is a slogan "Ami, go home!", As a reference to the British.In general, its meaning can be traced to the ethno-cultural sense of the word, the attitude of the people.
In the Russian language the word "Yankee" penetrated in the late XIX century.and a dictionary VNUglova treated as "Yankees, or the Incas.The Americans ".