The very concept of beauty lies some impracticality.Indeed, in modern times, the rational to the fore often act more utilitarian values: power, wealth, material prosperity.For the beauty of the place at all times remains.And only a truly romantic nature, seeking harmony in the aesthetic pleasure.Beauty entered the culture for a long time, but from age to age the content of the concept has changed, moving away from material things and acquiring the traits of spirituality.Archaeologists
are still found during excavations of ancient settlements stylized images of primitive beauties, different forms of pomp and simplicity of images.In the Renaissance standards of beauty have changed is reflected in art paintings of famous artists that capture the imagination of his contemporaries.Today the idea of ​​the beauty of the human form under the influence of mass culture, and plant strict canons of beauty and ugliness in art.Times are beauty looks appealingly at the viewer with TV screens and computers, but she saves the world?Sometimes it seems that increasingly became familiar glossy beauty not only keeps the peace in harmony as required more and more victims.When Fyodor Dostoevsky puts into the mouth of one of the heroes of the novel "The Idiot" words that beauty will save the world, he certainly was not referring to physical beauty.The great Russian writer, apparently, was far from abstract and aesthetic considerations of the beautiful, as Dostoevsky was always interested in the beauty of the spiritual, moral component of the human soul.That beauty that, on the idea of ​​the writer, must lead the world to salvation, mostly related to religious values.That's Prince Myshkin in quality is very similar to a textbook image of Christ, full of gentleness, kindness and humanity.Hero of Dostoevsky's novel can not be accused of selfishness, and the ability to sympathize with human misery Prince often transcends understanding of the simple layman.According to Dostoevsky, it is this image that embodies the spiritual beauty, which is essentially a set of positive moral qualities and a nice person.It makes no sense to argue with the author, because it would have to question the value system of a very large number of people who have similar views on the means of saving the world.We can only add that no beauty - either physical or spiritual - can not transform the world unless it is backed by real deeds.Idealism turns into a virtue only when it actively and is accompanied by no less beautiful deeds.It is this beauty will save the world.