Foreigners seem strange or surprising some Russian traditions.This is due to the mentality of our people.Behavioral responses, including gestures, facial expressions, attitude to the interlocutor, the degree of openness of the Russian soul, is substantially different from the Russians foreigners.

communication style

Psychologists believe Russian capable of intuition, western rationality and pragmatism of the majority is not peculiar.Emotions may prevail over reason and passion over financial interests.Russian environment needed emotional support and close personal contacts.

monotony of routine life is depressed, so some went to live in other countries, suffer from boredom and an inability to talk heart to heart.Taboo to communicate virtually none.Also calls on professional issues, it is permiss
ible to discuss personal matters.

smile for the Russian people - an expression of personal sympathy and approval.It is more commonly used in informal contacts than the official ones.Its absence does not mean a negative reaction or hostility.The workers decided to keep the relationship a serious expression, as they do not imply a mandatory personal sympathy.Western-style permanent smile could be perceived as sincere callousness or tactless.

acceptable distance communication and demeanor Russian dialogue is different from the foreign.Our compatriots accustomed to approach each other in the course of the conversation, or to sit down closer than permitted under European etiquette.Valid firm handshakes, hugs, claps on the shoulder or touching his interlocutor.

This is the usual style of communication does not indicate gaps in education.Reducing the distance and tactile contact - evidence of the interest in dialogue, sign location and trust.The closer the relationship, the less formal style of communication can become.Openness and sincerity, increased sociability - in the tradition of the Russian people.


feature of Russian traditions - respect and condescending attitude to the elderly and mutual assistance between family and friends.Help may be provided not only loved ones, but also strangers.It is expressed in the form of moral support and financial participation.

Russians are tolerant of people of other nations.The main human qualities rather than nationality.Historically, the country is multi-ethnic and diverse peoples live peacefully, preserving their identity.

denying or trivializing the role of Russian soldiers in the outcome of the Second World War is perceived very negatively, because almost every family has its members or relatives of the deceased.This also explains the rejection of Nazi ideology.

Russian archetype has several advantages.This sincerity in communication, sincerity and empathy, mutual emotion.The knowledge of the identities of each nation, helping to make communication more successful, because it promotes the adequate understanding partner.