First you must ask yourself why you need to stop being late?The reasons can be many, such as the fear that you will be fired, will be deprived of bonuses, and so on.Once you are able to motivate yourself, you will learn how to come to the strictly designated time and not be late.That is, you must go to the level of "late good / bad" to "important for me / does not matter to come on time."
use the timer, take the same action as little as possible time.For example, 5 minutes, you will need to wash, 15 minutes - to cook breakfast, 10 - to dress and so on.Do not be amiss to set an alarm for the time you need to leave the house.If he will ring and you're not ready, you should immediately drop
everything and assemble, otherwise you will be late.
Sometimes people specially converted time a few minutes ahead, so as not to be late.Do not do it, because a lot better to live according to the real-time, otherwise you'll get confused, lose track of time.And your mind is not so easy to hold - they will remember that you have to have a few minutes left, and as a result you will still be late, even with translated arrows.
Think about what you are doing during the time that you need to collect.Note the time, try to eliminate all the unimportant and non-urgent cases.If you are going for a long time, then recognize it as the feature and get up an hour earlier.
Try to prepare for the next day the night before this, then during the collection you will not encounter many problems, for example, to search for keys or socks.Come up with a system of incentives, for example, if you go for a few minutes ahead of schedule, treat yourself to a sweet.
Many are late because of what they plan too many things and they just do not have time.One and a sure way to solve this problem - to prioritize.Identify what is important to you and do just that.