Never say at the table of diseases, medicines, hospitals, and even more so - about death, funerals and cemeteries.Very many people these sensitive topics are extremely unpleasant, so the appetite and desire to communicate them disappear instantly.
Just unacceptable talk about spiders, cockroaches and other insects, rats, molds, fungi and generally unpleasant for all species of flora and fauna.The fact that many people have different phobias, sometimes without even knowing it - for example, arachnophobia (fear of spiders), Entomophobia (fear of insects), verminofobiya (fear of bacteria, microbes, infection), etc.It is unlikely that a person will w
ant to talk to you after you called him negative emotions, bordering on mental illness.
Do not talk too much about yourself, even if you think it should be all very interesting.Excess personal information may seem like boasting or self-love, and this causes the rejection of others.Nor should defy their competence in the arts, technology or any other field: firstly, it is once again boasting, and secondly - you can be trapped, unexpectedly bumping into even more competent person.
strictly contraindicated sitting at the table and taking a friendly conversation, to declare their political views - for this there are other places and occasions.It is not necessary that all sitting next to share your point of view on what is happening in the country and in the world, and this may lead to a dispute, rolling in bitter conflict.
very frustrating when someone from the audience lets barbs against another person or makes fun of his table manners.It is not good to criticize and discuss mutual friends, is currently missing in your company.Generally disrespectful tone or insulting in relation to someone casts primarily on the speaker himself, and make it an ill-mannered troublemaker.Only a positive attitude and respect to each other can contribute to the pleasant pastime in the company at the table.