bit of history in post-Soviet times huge number of our compatriots rushed abroad.The vast majority of tourists did not know how to behave, so rage against drunkenness - is proverbial.Today the situation has undoubtedly changed for the better, but not everywhere.As before, the Russian tourists behave in noisy restaurants on the beach.

Previously headed the rating of the worst tourist Germans, now the ranking is headed by Russian.Why Russian tourists behave as if they were at home?Foreigners complain about the dreadful manners "Rousseau tourists", especially at the table.Women dress provocatively, but men can appear in a tracksuit and throw money right and left.Fo
od - is generally a separate conversation.Russian habit to make food defies reasonable explanation.The desire to stand out and show their own opinions makes our travelers to behave in a foreign country and unfriendly rude.Our people like to relax in a big way, and sometimes without the involvement of strong drinks.Under the influence of alcohol, vacationers can take quite indecent acts.Such behavior is not conducive to improving the country's image.On the question of why the Russians behave indecently abroad, someone will say - this mentality or lack of culture and education.Maybe this is the truth.Here no mass change of consciousness can not change the situation.Russian tourists want to feel themselves masters of life and squeeze the most out of what is included, because they are paid for it.Some of the blame for the whole mess that we are doing overseas is on staff.They are duty-bound to curry favor with the honored guests.The feeling of impunity leads to licentiousness, and men and women.

cultural activities: positive emotions and joy of the soul

Each country is unique and inimitable.Avoid unnecessary fines and unpleasant situations to help the simple rules of behavior that need to learn before you are in a foreign country, but especially in Asia and Africa.Disrespect shown by the traditions and customs of foreign countries, turns against themselves as tourists and spoils the impression from the local population by guests.The adopted law on attracting Russian tourists to account for disruptive behavior abroad, help prevent many unpleasant incidents.Rest - it is, above all, a change of experiences and meeting interesting people.A smile can bring together strangers and set up a positive dialogue.Therefore, well-organized vacation delight body and soul.Rest - not to make purchases, to overeat or to shock.Gaining strength to explore new tourist routes, acquainted with cultural and historical values: these are the goals should pursue adventurers.Gone are the days when the Russian tourists were not welcome abroad and only tolerated because of the money.Today, we can and we are able to show high culture as well as learn from others.