about such decision bronze medalist of the XXX Olympic Games Zofia Noceto-Klepatsky announced at the Warsaw airport to meet all of its journalists and fans.The reason for this unexpected act was her five-year Zuzya neighbor who is ill with cystic fibrosis - a serious genetic disorder characterized by dysfunction of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract.

According athletes, this girl is the most faithful to its cheerleaders, who also spends his whole life in a serious fight.Only she fights for the right to live.

Even before the Olympics Noceto-Klepatsky promised the girl that definitely win this medal for her.And then they will sell it, buy a large bouncy castle with a slide, and every fall will
be carried out in a warmer climate, the girl recovered.This may to some extent help the little girl to deal with a terrible diagnosis.Especially valuable is that this victory went to her with great difficulty, as Zofia previously failed to achieve good results at the Olympics, and its competitors, and this time were very strong.

time and place of the auction, which will take place bids for the bronze medal of the 2012 Olympics, has not yet been determined, but all are confident that the athlete is required to keep his promise.Zofia Noceto-Klepatsky long been involved in charity work, participating in many social actions, helping kids from orphanages and poor families.In 2006 she founded a fund to support talented youth.

big role in winning for the third place and the family played a 26-year-old Polish athletes.Zofia's husband, Argentinian Luciano Noceto, decided to leave his career in order to enable it to return to the sport after the birth of her son Mariano.And most importantly - to achieve a major victory in their lives.