Reverie - the ability to think in images and dive into your own world of dreams and desires.Dreamer boldly envisions plans for the future and think about how they can be achieved.Such a person goes on about feelings and emotions, but do not attach great importance to the voice of reason.Any interesting idea could divert his attention from pressing issues and lead to the realm of illusion.Dreamer childishly naive, a little distracted and simply incorrigible.
The enthusiasm - a tendency to show strong emotions on insignificant occasions.Enthusiastic people can enjoy for a long time resulting in a gift of tulips, noting how perfect it each petal.His startle anyone's an interesting idea, and take time to listen to an ent
husiastic monologue.Such a person can genuinely enjoy, appreciate their environment and share their emotions.
Romanticism - the ability to create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort, to see the beauty and exceptional features, even in the everyday.Romantic seeks the dream a reality and to experience special, idealized situations and relationships.He is creative and dreamy, looking for new adventures and sublime emotions.
Empathy - the ability to feel other people's pain, trouble and pain.People who are prone to empathy, try their presence and support to share other people's emotions.They themselves are experiencing those conditions are witnessed.Such people always listen to the other party, will find a warm and some words of encouragement.This feature is characteristic of the kind and helpful people.
Tenderness - propensity to show sympathy, kindness and affection.Every mother looks at her baby, and moved by, it can be moved to tears while listening to a poem of his son.So sentimental person can be moved while watching a movie, or when meeting with kitten strayed.This feature is characteristic of gentle and compassionate people.
extreme form of sentimentality - affectedness.Man begins lusciously "lisp" child with a stranger, and then shout at their sharply.Theatre and sincere expression of feelings can be seen in situations where a show concern and immediately ask for something in return.Some girls like to resort to manipulative sensitivity using excessive tearfulness.This characteristic refers to the pseudo-sentimental, and it is used calculating people who want to make a good impression.